About BB Boligadvokat

BB Boligadvokat is a specialised division of BYG Advokatfirma, which has been assisting clients in real estate transactions for 30 years.

At the helm is attorney (H) Philip H. Lönborg, who is appointed by the Ministry of Justice and is a member of the Danish Bar Association (Advokatsamfundet).

We have extensive experience in real estate transactions - and therefore we can ensure that your real estate transaction is carried out easily, efficiently and reassuringly.

BB Boligadvokat is insured for liability and guarantee by Lloyd's Insurance Company S.A.

BB Boligadvokat has a client account in Ringkjøbing Landbobank, account no. 7670 7743 177.

In the event of bankruptcy, depositors are covered under the Depositors and Investors Guarantee Act. The guarantee capital covers an eligible depositor's funds up to an amount equivalent to EUR 100,000 (approximately DKK 750,000). The cover limit applies to the total deposits in the bank, even if the money is held in different accounts, including both the client bank account and own accounts.

We are a member of the Danish Bar Association (Advokatsamfundet) and are subject to the supervisory and disciplinary system of the Danish Bar Association as well as to the rules of good legal practice as laid down in Article 126 of the Danish Code of Judicial Procedure (retsplejeloven).

In addition, the Rules of Professional Conduct for Lawyers apply, which can be found on the website of the Danish Bar Association.

Complaints about our advice and/or the fee charged may be brought by the client before the Board of Advocates, whose address is:

Advokatnævnets Sekretariat
Kronprinsessegade 28
1306 Copenhagen K
Telephone: +45 33 96 97 98
Mail: klagesagsafdelingen@advokatsamfundet.dk  


BB Boligadvokat does not use special contractual clauses regarding the law and jurisdiction.

BB Boligadvokat does not apply general terms and conditions.

BB Boligadvokat is a limited liability partnership (advokatanpartsselskab), Danish VAT ID no. 4139 4595.

We are always available, so please write or call us for a non-binding assessment of your case.

Portrætfoto af advokat Philip Helmer Lönborg
Philip H. Lönborg, Lawyer


We have highly competitive prices, with the best service on the market.

full buyer's

kr. 7.500,-
incl. VAT
Villa or townhouse, owner-occupied apartment, or ideal share. Everything you need to make your property purchase.
No cure, no pay.
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summer house package

kr. 6.250,-
incl. VAT
Review of purchase agreement, sales listing, and all documents. Advice on price/negotiation, draft deed, etc.
No cure, no pay.

condominium (Andelsbolig)

kr. 5.000,-
incl. VAT
Purchase agreement, minutes of general meetings, association finances, condition report, etc.
No cure, no pay.

Ehlersvej 33
2900 Hellerup
Phone: 69 69 11 11
Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm

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