buying a land parcel

When buying a land parcel we focus on:
  • Location
  • Pollution
  • Servitudes
  • Public regulations
  • Utilities: water / sewer / electricity / gas / district heating
  • Property owners association

We are happy to advise on construction contracts - click here to go to Byg Advokatfirma

Review of purchase agreement
Review of sales presentation
Review of all documents
Advice on price / negotiation
Draft deed
Registration of title deed
Draft reimbursement statement
Refund statement
Release of purchase price
Answering questions along the way
Foreign buyer who has not lived here for at least 5 years *
If seller's estate agent makes deed and refund statement **
* additional cost DKK 1,750.00 incl. VAT - includes application to the Ministry of Justice
** price reduced by DKK 1,000 from DKK 5,000 to DKK 4,000
Why only the full buyer's package

The reason why we only offer a full buyer's package is that we want to provide reassurance and transparency for you as a buyer, without sudden extras, so you as a buyer have a full overview from the start. Some law firms advertise a low price for the registration of deeds etc., and this can of course seem attractive. In our experience, as a buyer you need the full service.

The estate agent is the seller's representative. You need your own advisor. An adviser who knows a lot about property and who can give you the reassurance you need about what could be the biggest financial decision of your life.

It's not (just) about getting a title deed. It's about making sure that all the relevant aspects of your purchase are clarified and that no problems arise afterwards.

We do not compromise on our performance. We advise on the entire transaction from start to finish. We vouch for our advice and are of course insured.

With more than 1000 property transactions, we know what is relevant to look at when buying a home.

In the transactions where the seller's estate agent makes the deed and the reimbursement statement, we carry out exactly the same investigations as when we make the deed and the reimbursement statement ourselves. We also check the work done by the estate agent, and it is important to remember that the estate agent is the seller's man - and only the seller's man. The need for advice is therefore just as great in those transactions where it is the broker who draws up the deed.

No cure - no pay = if the deal falls through, we don't charge a fee, but of course we hope you'll come to us when you find another plot.


kr. 5.000,-
incl. VAT
Location, pollution, easements, public regulations, utilities (water / sewer / electricity / gas / district heating), landowners association.

No cure, no pay.
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